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Examples Of Cloud Computing

examples of cloud computing
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Cloud is everywhere. From Microsoft’s Office Online to Google’s pioneering Gmail, from Amazon web service (or commonly known AWS) to Search Giant Google’s Drive and from Windows Azure to Digital Ocean, cloud service has reached the smallest of rat holes in the technology world. Yes, all of these boast of using one or the other type of cloud service. Intriguing, Right? So, let’s sit and explore these examples of cloud computing that form the backbone of today’s computing.

But before we begin our adrenaline gushing ride, let’s answer one question – What is Cloud (not the one in the skies)? Shall we?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a paradigm of offering different computing resources such as disk storage, computing power, software etc. over the Internet. The services offered under the cloud umbrella can be paid or free or free to a certain degree (Microsoft Onedrive offers 5GB of disk storage for free).

These services are made accessible through enormous data centers of the big corporations maintained and designed by highly trained engineers. By using cloud computing, organizations don’t have to handle physical servers themselves or run software applications.

Having difficulty understanding what exactly cloud computing is? Let’s try to understand it with a simple example.

Imagine you have a house built for yourself. Now, you must need electricity for it. There are two options: either you can generate your own electricity or you can simply buy it from a power company. 
Generating your own electricity would require lots of effort, space and money. Are you ready to put yourself through all this? Or would you simply get the services of the power company and pay them as per the amount of power you use without worrying about anything else. Cloud computing works just like the power companies. Several companies either don’t have the necessary resources for building and maintaining their own data centers or they don’t want to, so they prefer renting it from those who do have their own data centers. Same is the case for an average user, who cannot afford to start his own email services or buy a US$3000 server!

So now we have a basic knowledge of what cloud computing actually is. Let’s switch gears and explore some common examples of cloud computing.

This is where the cloud starts raining!

Examples of Cloud Computing in Daily Life

Based on the type of service offered, cloud computing can be broadly classified into 03 types:

  • Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-service) – Amazon web service, Microsoft Azure.
  • Saas (Software-as-a-service) – Google Apps, Dropbox, Cisco Webex.
  • Paas(Platform-as-a-service) – Google App Engine.

Let’s explore each of the category and the common examples of cloud computing in daily lives.

Software-as-a-service (Saas)

Saas is a type of cloud computing where the cloud computing enables user to consume a piece of software online without actually downloading it. Some of the common examples of this are:

Social Networking Sites

Social Media is the most admired and trendy application of cloud computing. LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many other social networking sites use cloud computing.
You can access them throughout the world whenever and wherever. They provide humongous amount of features much like a software does. Therefore, it is safe to consider these as an example of cloud.

Google Apps (YouTube, Drive, Gmail…)

Let’s see. They are available on-demand, at every moment, everywhere, provide numerous features (much like softwares) and you don’t need to download them on your PC. So it is obvious, this is cloud.

Microsoft Word used over the Internet.

Conclusively, under Saas, a software becomes available to the end user from a remote location.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

In this type of cloud, the end user can consume cloud as a computing resource (be it drive space, Memory or processing) over the internet. Common examples of Cloud computing, disguised as IaaS, are as follows:

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web service is a popular product of Amazon Inc. that allows user to consume cloud as per his/her requirement. AWS can be used to create/maintain enormous databases or host apps and websites or arrive at analytics report for particular product or for computation of complex data and the list goes on..
The common idea in accessing all of these things is the presence of AWS as a computing infrastructure. Instead of doing enormous RAM-killing computations on your PC or MAC, you can simply use AWS to provide those resources.

Amazon Web Service dashboard

Microsoft Azure

Another classic example of cloud computing and a market competitor of Amazon web services is the Microsoft Azure. Much like AWS, Azure also provide you access to great computing resources over the internet.

For both these services, you pay as per your demands.

Conclusively, IaaS allows end user to substitute his/her demands of computing resources over the internet, saving him/her from actually buying any hardware.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Under this type of cloud, user gets access to both software and hardware over the internet (an environment) in order to create, manage or run applications without actually having any of those on local system. In simplest of terms, PaaS is basically a virtual machine available over the internet.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is an online development environment by Google that allows user to create, maintain and host applications created. This saves the developer from manualing taking care of each and every aspect of development and wasting precious computing resource of local system on creating a product.

Google App Engine used to create Rails project (Image Courtesy: https://marcgg.com/blog/2016/05/09/rails-app-engine/)

Other Examples of Cloud Computing (Industry-wise)

Use In Marketing

Marketing is a business and its purpose is to achieve the goals of enterprises, companies, or organizations. Marketing is the best way to satisfy the maximum number of customers. Nowadays, our business is associated with the process of large numbers of information to analyze the markets. After that, it makes the correct information about goods and services. 

A marketing cloud is a digital marketing platform for managing customers and handles their contacts and target leads. If you use marketing cloud computing then it will provide easy marketing automation with achieving target goals. Also, allow advanced email deliverability capabilities.

The marketing cloud will lessen your manual work and fulfill your requirements.

Cloud Computing in Education

Education is very vital for cultivating a new generation and makes their lives better. Education is improving with advanced technology and it makes the study easy and reliable for anyone. Today, there are many online classes are available to educate people.

These are created to make your life easy. With the help of cloud computing in education, you can learn through modernize classrooms. Online trainers or mentors have introduced e-learning software’s to study online.

Education through cloud computing provides a platform for students to build presentations, make online assignments, give tests, and submit them. Students can even present them through web conferencing through a cloud solution. 

  • Cloud solutions through video hosting are used to store and demonstrate the content of tutorials, lectures, and workshops online.
  • Cloud computing used for educational systems, such as eLearning, online classes, exams and learning management systems.
  • If you select the cloud-based domain for education to get access to tentative data to share and pool resources for research.

There are many types of online classes to learn fast and quick. Some sites offer online typing tests to track your progress through computing services. Even software’s are used in school and colleges to make the system easy through a virtual desktop infrastructure solution. 

Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Cloud computing lets physicians, nurses, and administrators collect and allocate information quickly from anywhere. A cloud solution can also save time by permitting large data files to be shared immediately for maximum expediency. This is an easy and reliable way to improve efficiency.

Doctors or physicians can access the huge number of medical applications in the healthcare industry via a single portal venture platform to view, process, and capture images and patient cases online. 

Eventually, cloud technology gives assurance to patients to get the best care without any delay. The patient’s health condition can also be checked in seconds through remote conferencing.

Most of the hospitals have implemented cloud computing for delivering fast reports to patients.

Cloud Computing for Government

Cloud computing was the first time used by the U.S. Government and military. They used it in government because they want to focus on mission strategies rather than other official activities. 

Cloud computing is helpful in security measures and protects against cyber threats both domestic and overseas. Cloud computing provides the encryption, virtual private cloud, and API keys that help to keep data secure. 

Cloud storage offers various options that are tremendously convenient. You have the choice that you want this for public, private or hybrid storage depending on the security requirements.


Given the variety of usages, it is safe to say Cloud is everywhere! Be it business, healthcare, our mobile phones, in software development or be it something as small as checking your email. Cloud is everywhere and it is expanding like a wildfire!


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