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How to delete photos from IPhone?

how to delete photos from IPhone

Once my father said, “Your generation lives through the phone cameras”. It did felt irritating when he said that but, hey, IT IS TRUE! And nobody can argue that. With this extensive use of cameras in today’s world, our phone memories are choked with photos of all sorts. Some are personal, some professional and some are just for fun. And frankly, it is safe to say that we don’t look at most of these photos few days after clicking, and probably we never will. But such photos kind of rest inside our phones for eternity or till the dreaded day when your phone starts shouting “You are running out of memory“. This is the day when the cleaning exercise needs to be undertaken. The mundane task of going through each of these photos needs to be initiated. But Wait. How? This is where TechnologyReviews24 comes in. Through this article we will answer the million dollar question: “How to delete photos from Iphone?” Read on to get detailed step-by-step procedure to execute this phone-saving task.

How to Delete Photos from IPhone?

Under this heading we will cover the three very important questions bugging all the IPhone users across the globe:

  • How to delete individual photos from IPhone?
  • How to delete bulk photos from IPhone?
  • How to permanently delete photos from IPhone?
  • How to recover deleted images in IPhone?

Let’s answer each of this questions one-by-one.

How to delete Individual photo from IPhone?

Deletion of a single photo can be achieved by following the given steps:

Step I

Launch the “Photos” app on your IPhone by clicking the photo app icon.

The Photos App highlighted in red. Image courtesy: Apple Inc.

Step II

Tap on the photo that you want to remove from your IPhone.

Step III

At the bottom right corner of the photo, a small trash can symbol can be seen. Tap the symbol to continue deleting the photo.

Step IV

Upon tapping the trash symbol, a prompt asking to confirm the action should appear on the screen.

Delete confirmation prompt.
Image Courtesy: Apple Inc.

Step V

Tap on “Delete Photo” option to conclude the deletion process.

How to Mass Delete Photos from IPhone?

To clear the clutter surrounding this issue, we will explain the process in a step-by-step format:

Step I

Unlock your Iphone (if locked), and reach for the “Photos” app icon.

Step II

To begin selecting images that you want to delete, tap on the “Select” option in the top right corner (highlighted in the image).

Step III

Tap on the images that you want to get rid off. A small blue tick should appear on all the selected images, highlighting user selection.

Multiple Image selections.

Step IV

When done with the selection process, locate a trash can symbol at the bottom right corner of your Iphone screen and tap on it.

Step V

Upon tapping the trash can symbol, a small prompt confirming your action must appear on the screen. Confirm deletion by tapping on “Delete Photos” option.

Step VI

The selected images should be moved to “Recently Deleted” album of the IPhone.

Please note, the photos deleted through the above procedure shall be moved to another System-generated album “Recently Deleted” and must remain their for another 30 days before being deleted permanently. Therefore, the above method has been termed a “Temporary method”.

How to Permanently remove Photo from IPhone?

Unlike Android phones, IOS or IPhone doesn’t permanently remove photos once deleted using the steps given above. The deleted photos actually remain in your cellphone for another 30-days before getting deleted forever.

To permanently get rid of the images instantly, follow the steps stated below:

Step I

Open the photos App on your IPhone.

Step II

Locate the “Albums” option in the bottom right menu. Tap on the option to view albums on your IPhone.

Step III

In the albums displayed on the screen, tap on “Recently deleted” album.

Albums in IPhone

Step IV

In the “Recently Deleted” albums, you should find the images deleted in last 30-days.

Step V

Tap on the image that you want to delete and tap on the delete option at the bottom right corner.

Step VI

Tap “Delete Permanently” to confirm deleting the photo chosen.

How to Recover Photos Deleted Recently?

There is no possibility of recovering a photo deleted permanently from the Photos app (using steps listed above). However, a user can recover his/her photos from the Recently deleted album.

Following steps can be useful in accomplishing the stated task:

Step I

Upon accidentally deleting a photo, tap on the album option at the bottom right corner.

Step II

In the albums appearing on the screen, choose “Recently Deleted” album and tap on it.

Step III

In the chosen album, you must see the photos deleted in the last 30 days.

Step IV

Tap on the photo that you intend to recover and tap on “Restore” option in the bottom left corner to restore.

Remember, the above steps can only be executed if the photo has been deleted temporarily (By following “how to delete photos from IPhone?”) and not if the image has been deleted permanently from the recently deleted album.


As per a recent report by Gigaom , an average IOS user takes 65% more photos every month compared to an average Android user. Further, the report states that on average an IPhone user has 2.3 times more photos on his/her phone than an average Android user. Conclusively, it is safe to consider most IPhones gasping for more free space on the systems. In such a situation, an article titled “How to Delete Photos from Iphone?” could very serve as fresh breeze of air!


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