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websites like omegle

Chatting is always fun. Be it video chat, text messaging or just the conventional voice call, fun of chatting alternates between available medium with ease. However, there are days when a stranger is better positioned to be the pillion. Omegle serves as a great destination on such occasions. We all have used Omegle for venturing the unknown and coming victorious with great friends. But with the recent implementation of restrictive policies and other blockages, demand for other websites like Omegle has witnessed meteoric rise. The following article lists some of the respectable alternatives to Omegle.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is a free-to-use online chatting platform that allows users to connect through various mediums without revealing their actual identity. The website allows the use of its services without any registration.

Omegle users can use either of the following forms of chatting:

  • Video Chatting
  • Audio Chatting
  • Text Messaging

Omegle’s algorithm randomly connects users for one-to-one chat allowing anonymity while connecting.

Omegle was developed by a 18-year old teen named Leif K Brooks and it went online in March 2009. As of 2020, Omegle is available as Windows application, Android app and IOS app. Though the platform is available in app format, website still remains the dominant mode of usage.

Why not Omegle?

Though Omegle may seem a great application, it has been the center of heavy criticism for various legit reasons. The prime concern regarding Omegle use is “Safety or Security of users”.

Let’s discuss few of the common reasons to find other websites like Omegle.

Safety of Users, especially Women

Let’s recall an important point from the above paragraph, “Anybody can use the site to connect with strangers without registering“. Yes you read that right. You don’t even need a registration to use Omegle! This feature increases risk to safety manifold. Even the website owners don’t know who you are. In certain cases people end up sharing personal information on the platform without realising the consequences. In some cases, people record videos of the other person and later use it for blackmailing or more severe crimes.

Sexual Content

Due to the anonymity element associated, the platform, off lately, has been used heavily for sharing or demanding sexual content. Cases of sexual content being shared without other person’s consent is one of the heavily reported event. In 2013, because of the mounting pressure, Omegle introduced a “Sexual filter” to protect users below 18 years of age from being victims to such crimes. However, the effectiveness of the filter has remained a point of debate ever since. Also, there still exists a uncensored version of Omegle which nullifies every step taken in the direction.

Poor UI

Unlike other alternatives of Omegle, the website still comprises of a less than contemporary UI design. The poor design creates a very retro website look, at the same time discouraging users to spend time.

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WebSites like Omegle

Now that we have told you all the bad things about Omegle, it is time to turn our heads to the alternatives of Omegle or the websites like Omegle. Let’s begin.


The first in the list is ChatRandom.com. The motto of ChatRandom, as per the official website reads, “It began as a dream that people should be able to instantly meet new people online from all over the world using their webcam“. The platform went online in 2011 and since then has managed to be one of the leaders in the market. The website boasts of a great looking UI, registration based services, availability across platform and proper monitoring to ensure better safety. It easily tops our list of other websites like Omegle with its huge user database.

Homepage of ChatRandom.com

Further, with its affiliate program, anybody can use ChatRandom API to make their own web chatting platform.

To summarise,

Platform NameChatRandom.com
Official Website https://chatrandom.com/
Mobile ApplicationIOS | Android
Alexa Ranking7.37k
Users/Monthly20 million +


Shagle is a one of the popular video-chatting platform and a superior alternative to Omegle. The platform came to existence in 2017 and has managed to garner great response in a relatively short time period. The platform is considered to have one of the finest UI (or even the best) in the industry, providing a great user experience. Shagle boasts of a great UI, basic free services, lesser restrictions and great loading speed compared to peers.

Shagle Home Page

Much like ChatRandom, Shagle also has a affiliate program with a similar revenue sharing scheme.

Platform NameShagle
Official Website https://shagle.com/
Mobile ApplicationNot Available
Alexa Ranking15.8k
Users/Monthly2 million +


Chatroulette is a Russia based platform similar to Omegle in functioning. The platform was coded by Mr. Andrey Ternovskiy at the age of 17 and it went online in 2009. Chatroulette easily tops the popularity chart in terms of mainstream media coverage. The platform has garnered negative attention from mainstream media for its pornographic content and impact on children in the past. However, unlike other platforms Chatroulette has taken appropriate measures to make the website more safer. Due to enormous negative coverage in the past, the website has lost most of its user base to other sites in the list. Chatroulette has been instrumental in development all the websites like Omegle.

Chatroulette Home Page

Chatroulette has also been covered by media hegemony in the past. An NYT article called the platform to be “highly addictive in nature”.

Platform NameChatroulette
Official Website https://chatroulette.com/
Mobile ApplicationNot Available
Alexa Ranking31.1k
Users/Monthly1.5 million


Bazoocam is free chatting service available across 11 countries in 04 languages other than English. Bazoocam is a basic UI website with lesser filters and hence, more freedom in terms of chatting. The platform doesn’t allow children below 18 years of age to register for the services. As per the official website, at any given time, around 40 people monitor the website for content moderation. This adds a layer of safety to the platform’s operation.

Bazoocam Home Page
Platform NameBazoocam
Official Website https://bazoocam.org/
Mobile ApplicationNot Available
Alexa Ranking63.2k
Users/MonthlyNot known


Chathub is another popular video and text chatting platform that connects random people. The website is relatively new compared to the other websites on the list. As per ChatHub blog, around 1 million users visit the medium each month. The major chunk of users come from US, Turkey, Germany, India and UK.

ChatHub Home Page
Platform NameChatHub
Official Website https://chathub.cam/
Mobile ApplicationAndroid Only
Alexa Ranking68.5k
Users/Monthly1 million


Camsurf is a random video chat platform recently created by some talented people. The website has a great UI and boasts of a better chat experience to users. The official website claims to have a faster and better server, better design and chatting experience and a diversified audience. The platforms also claims to have users operating of 200 countries across the globe. The website also has a good set of guidelines for users which it claims to adhere.

CamSurf Home Page
Platform NameCamSurf
Official Website https://camsurf.com/
Mobile ApplicationAndroid | IOS
Alexa Ranking83.1k
Users/Monthly0.1 million


EmeraldChat is a video and text chatting platform that finds random strangers to connect to. The site has a good UI design and can be used without registration. The website also has a strict policy over content and is monitored regularly. Gender selection is also available via paid subscription. Apart from regular video chatting platforms, EmeraldChat boasts of features similar to social media network in certain cases.

EmeraldChat Home Page
Platform NameEmeraldChat
Official Website https://www.emeraldchat.com/
Mobile ApplicationNA
Alexa Ranking83.9k


Finally, we have reached the end of the article. This was a tiring research by the way. We, at TR24, believe the concept of connecting random people through chatting platforms is great. All the above platforms are doing path breaking work in that direction. But, as a user it is also important to understand the implications of using such platforms. Sure, they have increased security and safety, but it is still not full-proof. Therefore, from our end, we highly recommend to be careful while being at these platforms. Also, if you are a parent then be careful about your little one using this.


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